TRASHPRESSO: turning trash to tiles

Plastics are choking the world's ocean. By 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastics than fish in the sea. TRASHPRESSO innovates plastics waste management by bringing the recycling process to a mobile platform.

Here is a recap of how TRASHPRESSO transformed trash into tiles during the London Design Festival 2017. Participants brought plastic waste that was shredded, washed, dried, and moulded into tiles on site at the Somerset House Courtyard. The installation was commissioned by PENTATONIC, a homeware brand of products made from trash.

TRASHPRESSO - Installation 

One Week - One Video - One minute

The team of Miniwiz together with Pentatonic, installed the mobile machine Trashpresso for the London Design Week 2017. Three twenty-feet platforms housing the solar power battery units and plastics recycling machinery made it through the tight gates of the iconic Somerset House. 

The mobile technology of Trashpresso is a solar-powered mini-recycling plant that transforms plastic waste into usable architectural tiles. 

This Time-lapse video shows the amazing work of one week in one minute.