London is diverse, but Hackney is one of the most diverse districts inside of it. After recently moving here, after being away from my hometown for more than two years, my desire of building a home and the curiosity of knowing who are the people that live around me grew more and more. The idea that only a thin wall didn't let me see my neighbours from all around the world motivated me to start a photo project about it. I wanted to create my fictitious no-wall building where everyone could see everyone and I could position myself among them. 

Hackneysity is a photo project that reflects the ethnic diversity of Hackney. The way the photos are composed and positioned next to each other enhances it because of the evident cultural differences between them. Even though the characters maintain the same position in their spaces, the environment is never the same. For me, this shows how private spaces, as such as houses, bedrooms or kitchens, reflect some part of people's identities. No object is inside one's space for no reason, we bring them in consciously because they have a meaning to us

Hackneysity is an unfinished project.

Participants Names and descriptions from left to right. 

1. Nathan Berger-Delaporte from France, 26 years old, architect.

2. Astrid D'Hondt from Belgium. 27 years old, graphic designer.

3. Eric Nilgna from England with Indian descendant, 25 years old, trainee Solicitor.

4. Alison Courtot from France: 28 years old, architectural designer.

5. Samba Tarawally from Sierra Leone, 50 years, sales.

6.Thomas d'Orléans from England, 26 years old, customer service.

7. Natalia Queirolo from Peru, 29 years old, journalist and photographer.

8. Nicholas Coombs from England with French descendant.

9. Giulia Robbiani from France, 47 years old, masseuse.

10. Lisa Devaney, from the United States: 50 years old, amateur artist, author and publicist. 

     John Devaney from Scotland: 49 years old, content manager

     Truman Devaney from England 6 years old


Photo book

The vertical shape of the handmade photo book simulates the shape of a real building.